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Queen Serenity Cosmos by Yumecosmos
Queen Serenity Cosmos
Hey look you guys I drew something this year!

The very first queen from my Moon Line. There's a long and complicated history in the works which will eventually attempt to fansplain such questions as, does Princess Serenity have a father, how is Sailor Cosmos related to Usagi, and why is Nehellenia's name from Celtic mythology when almost everyone else's is Greco-Roman?

Speaking of Sailor Cosmos... this particular queen doesn't have much to do with her. Her name comes from the cosmos flower. The moon line goes in cycles, and every third queen is named after a flower. And the other two, well, you'll see. I was kind of uncreative with her dress. Meh.

Learning to use my tablet! It's awesome.

Saturn had an uncanny talent for hiding the fact that she was avoiding someone, Usagi thought as she made her third lap around the ballroom. Her friend was hard to miss, in that stunning black gown, but every time Usagi caught a glimpse of her, she changed directions and vanished again. All without a moment of eye contact or the slightest change of expression to betray that she knew Usagi was there.
Luck was on her side, though. One of the noble ladies from Chuu stopped Saturn to compliment her shoes (which of course was really just a lead-in to brag about her own,) and held her attention just long enough for Usagi to close the distance between them.
"Saturn!" she cried out, abandoning all dignity to run to her friend's side. She felt the need to justify herself—for what?—but words failed her.
"Are you looking for Pegasus Kamen? I think he's over there," said Saturn, with a vague gesture toward the other side of the room.
Usagi shook her head, suddenly annoyed. "I found him clinging to the windowsill. With a bouquet of flowers. What was I supposed to do, let him fall?"
"It's okay, Usagi-chan. I understand," Saturn assured her, but there was a chill in her voice. It was not spite or condemnation, only the faint sadness of someone who has realized the struggle is no longer worth it. She was giving up. "I understand," she repeated. "You can't help it that you like him."
She turned to go. Usagi's hand flew out and caught her wrist. "Do you know what he said to me back there?"
Saturn glanced back at her with mild curiosity.
"He told me to try and understand your feelings. And that I should appreciate you more."
Saturn gave a visible start and stepped back, clutching her wrist as if she'd been burned.
"I love you, Saturn. You're my best friend." Usagi's lip quivered. "Please don't make me choose between you and him."
"Fine," Saturn choked out. She made a hasty retreat, fighting back the churning darkness that swelled in her breast and burned behind her eyes.
I'm afraid to ask who you'd choose.


"Gah! This is frustrating!" Juno stomped her foot for emphasis.
"You'll get your turn with him," said Ceres. She doubted Pegasus Kamen could keep up with Pallas for much longer. Though she was a foot shorter than him, Pallas's feet bounced across the floor like a pair of ferrets on a sugar high.
"That's not what I meant," Juno grumbled. "Those two can't seem to work their problems out even when they want to. I can't stand seeing Saturn so depressed."
"If only we could help," Ceres sighed with a rueful expression. She tapped a finger to her chin. "What would Venus-sama do?"
Vesta cringed. "I'm not sure that's such a good—"
"I've got it!" Ceres declared, clapping her hands together briskly. "We'll hook Saturn up with a hunk to distract her!"
Vesta rubbed her temples. "That is exactly what Venus would do."
But Ceres would hear none of their objections. She beckoned Pallas over, to Pegasus Kamen's relief, and struck a fighting pose. "Now! We shall commence Operation Enchanted Evening!"
"Don't give it strange names," Juno complained.
Ceres ignored her and pulled them all into a huddle. After a few seconds of fervent whispering, they were satisfied with their plan.
A breathless Pegasus Kamen stumbled over to them. "What are you ladies up to? By the way, you dropped this," he added, handing Pallas one of her hairpins.
"Nothing!" Juno said too loudly. "My turn."
She dragged him into the next dance before he had a chance to protest.


At first, Saturn thought Usagi was following her again. But no, there was the princess with her parents, greeting important guests from the Rukbat system. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling she was being tailed.
Near the bandstand she ran into a group of tall, smartly-dressed aristocrats, who she vaguely recognized as the owners of some big astro-mining conglomerate. Not in the mood for conversation, she gave them a polite curtsy and tried to slip past them. Out of nowhere, a streak of red and black shot from the crowd and slammed into her. She let out a soft cry as she tumbled into the arms of one of the men.
"Perfect!" Ceres whispered to Pallas as they watched the scene unfold. "And now she'll look up into his eyes… ‘Oh, thank you!'" she sighed, in a comically bad impression of Saturn's voice. She dropped an octave and made an equally unconvincing attempt to sound masculine. "‘It's no trouble at all. How lovely you are! Would you care to accompany me on a stroll through the gardens?' ‘Oh, that would be wonderful!' And off they'll go, hand in hand, underneath the starlight! Ro-man-tic!"
Pallas nodded slowly, trying to absorb all the benefit of Ceres' insight. It was a good thing she had the future senshi of love to instruct her in the complexities of human relationships. She wasn't sure she would ever be able to grasp these kinds of things on her own.
Saturn's head spun as the man who had caught her, a broad-shouldered blond with a cigarette in his teeth, set her roughly on her feet. He said nothing, but his quiet sniff, the curl of his lip, were more contemptuous than words could ever be.
Vesta, seeing that her maneuver had backfired, tried to make amends. "It was my fault!" she exclaimed. "I ran into her. Women's shoes, you know, they're impossible to walk in."
"Whatever. Just watch where you're going," the man replied without turning around. He dismissed them with a wave of his hand, flicking ash onto Saturn's dress in the process.
Ceres and Pallas emerged from their hiding place just in time to stop Vesta from throttling him. "Hey, you!" the redhead fumed. "Do you have any idea who she is?"
Saturn's brow furrowed. "Please don't…"
"Jerk! Up close he's not that good-looking anyway," Vesta groused as the others dragged her away, leaving a mortified Saturn to escape alone. They reconvened behind a sofa, Pallas keeping an eye on Saturn while Vesta watched for signals from Juno, who was occupying Pegasus Kamen and, more importantly, monitoring the princess. Juno gave them a covert thumbs-up. Usagi was still busy with her parents.
"That could have gone better," was Ceres' entry for the Understatement of the Year award.
Vesta repeated her apologies, though she was only the executor of the plan and not its architect.
"Ok. New idea. Palla-chan, I'm counting on you."


By the time she reached the lounge area at the far end of the room, Saturn had mostly recovered from the unjust humiliation inflicted upon her. At least her hands had stopped shaking. She couldn't help but be a little irritated at Vesta and the girls, not so much for running into her as for abandoning her so quickly afterward. But no. It wasn't their fault those men were so rude, and Saturn was not childish enough to fly into a tizzy because everyone in the world was not nice to her. She settled herself on a cushioned ottoman, turned her eyes toward the rainbow of cheerful, laughing people, and put the incident out of her mind.
The light rustle of silk skirts alerted her to Ceres' presence. "Hey. Are you all right?" her friend asked gently.
"Yes. Don't worry about me."
"Good!" Ceres chirruped. She dragged Saturn to her feet. "Come on! Pallas and I need your help with something."
Saturn, who knew by now the futility of arguing with Ceres once she'd fixed her mind on a scheme, followed demurely. And there was no doubt this was some sort of scheme. The Quartet were experts at causing mischief, but poor at hiding it. Saturn just hoped she could escape without drawing too much attention to herself this time.
Ceres rehearsed the scenario in her head as she led Saturn up a short flight of steps toward a pair of tall French doors that led out to a balcony overlooking the palace lawn. Pallas should be waiting outside with the young man they'd selected—what was his name again? Once she delivered Saturn, Vesta would enter with a good reason for the two of them to disappear. She measured her pace, trying to time it so they would arrive just before the end of the current song, so the boy would have just enough time to ask Saturn to dance, but not quite enough time to find anyone else.
They swept out the doors onto the empty balcony. Ceres frowned.
Then Pallas popped her head through a door at the other end of the balcony. "Hey, Saturn! I brought something for you. Oh yeah, and Ceres, Vesta said to tell you Lady Venus is dancing on a table. She thinks maybe one of us should, uh, take her out to get some fresh air."
Perfect, Ceres thought. It was just the right size emergency to demand her attention and not Saturn's. "Well, we'd better handle this situation," she said with her best put-upon sigh. "Saturn, you'll have to pardon me for leaving you here with… cupcakes?"
Ceres blinked at the mound of frosted pastries that her friend was proudly holding out to them.
"Pallas! What is this? Where's the guy?"
Pallas's mouth formed a small o. "Right, the plan! Sorry! They just looked so yummy with all that pretty color frosting on top that Pallas had to have one. And then I thought I should share, so I grabbed a few for you guys too, and then I totally forgot about him…"
Ceres was about to light into her when another thought settled like a cold lump in the pit of her stomach. "Wait. Does that mean Venus-sama is really—"
Vesta appeared on the landing with an agitated look on her face. "Now she's got a feather-duster on her head and she's trying to do a Lady Gaga impression. The queen doesn't think it's funny anymore."
"Let's go," Ceres ordered, and the three clamored off back to the ballroom, leaving Saturn alone once again.


Pegasus Kamen maintained a polite smile as Juno launched into yet another tale about her biker buddies. A couple hours ago, he wouldn't have believed she could be this talkative. He admired her enthusiasm, even if he didn't understand a word she was saying. He did wish she would stop stepping on his foot, though.
"So Europa wipes out, of course, and winds up in the hospital with a fractured collarbone. Gali and Indy never let her forget it. All I can say is I tried to stop her. But the worst crash I ever saw would have to be—ack. Sorry." Juno chewed on her lip. "Vesta always tells me I tend to ramble when I get going about bikes."
"It's quite all right," he said graciously, trying not to look too relieved.
"You're a good listener. I can see why Usagi-chan enjoys your company."
That brought a lopsided grin to his face.
"Saturn thinks you're trouble, though."
The grin faded.
"Me, I'm inclined to agree with the princess," Juno went on with a laid-back manner that put him at ease. "Ever since you helped us against Ripidolite, I thought you were all right. So it'd be a real shame if I had to pound you."
So much for being at ease. As the musical number drew to a close, Juno fixed him with a level green stare and a smile that never wavered.
"Don't hurt her, okay?" she whispered.
"I don't plan on it."
"Good. In that case, I'm rooting for you. See you around," she said, giving him a two-fingered salute as she walked away.
When she was gone, his eyes swept the room, seeking the only girl who had truly captivated him this evening. As much as he wanted Usagi's friends to like him, in truth he would have preferred to spend every minute with her. There were Ceres and Vesta over by the bar, amid some commotion—was that Lady Venus on the table? He decided the most respectful thing to do would be to look away. Nearby, Pallas was on a sleep-deprived sugar high, chasing the bits of light reflecting off the chandeliers and cracking herself up. There were Luna and Artemis, listening eagerly to Sailor Mau's tidbits of news from their homeworld. Where they were, the king and queen must be nearby… and there she was, nestled between her parents. The three were embroiled in a discussion with a purple-haired woman who he thought he recognized as the Consul of Lethe.
That meant she was much to busy to talk to him. He'd expected as much. She was a princess, after all.
He was left to wander without a purpose. The music and lights, which before seemed so magical, had grown dull. The crowd of strangers was oddly oppressive. This was Usagi's world, and he found himself wondering how she could stand to live in it day after day.
His aimless walk carried him past a doorway that led out to a small balcony. He slipped outside, grateful for a few calm, quiet moments where the only light came from the gentle moon and winking stars, and the only music was the low moan of the wind.
He suddenly realized that he was not alone.
Saturn acknowledged him only with a glance. He took a few cautious steps toward her and leaned on the railing, pretending to stare up at the sky. Somewhere in the distance, a tree frog trilled.
When she did speak, it startled him. "Usagi-chan told me what you said."
His chest contracted. Now that he thought about it, it shouldn't be any surprise that Usagi would share everything with Saturn.
"If you're so concerned with my feelings, perhaps you might refrain from working your charms on her, rather than placing all the onus on her to resist them."
"Charms? What charms?"
She gave him a dry look. "Don't fish for compliments."
He wasn't sure whether to laugh or tear his hair out. Until now, he had shrugged off every spurned offer of help, every insinuation about his character or his motives. He had even admired her, in a way, for not trusting him. It showed good sense. But tonight her words nettled him.
"When did we get off on the wrong foot?" he asked. "Was it something I did?"
They both knew she had no answer. She leaned heavily on the railing, eyes seeking some point in the distance. Her pale shoulders curled in and her hands slipped around her elbows. He had seen Saturn the killer and Saturn the healer. He had caught a few glimpses of Saturn the faithful friend. But this was the first time he had seen her look vulnerable. Strong, but weary. She was human, after all, and not a goddess. Who was he to demand an account of all her feelings, rational or otherwise? And yet her insults stung, perhaps because they came not from a goddess or glaive-wielding soldier, but from a pretty girl in a ball gown who just then seemed entirely too old for her age.
"You seem like you're cold," he observed.
She straightened. "I'm not."
They lapsed into silence again. Downstairs, Artemis announced the final song of the night, a classic waltz.
"I'm not being fair," Saturn sighed in a barely audible voice. "She's right. I'm the one who made it into a choice between you and me."
"Suppose you and I were friends," he ventured. "Then there wouldn't have to be any choosing."
She studied him with a strange new gleam in her eyes, measuring him, for the first time, on his own merit. "You told me once that if you were sincere, I'd see your shine. Since then I feel like I've only seen a dim reflection. Other people have a lot to say about you, not all of it flattering." He flinched. She could only be referring to Ripidolite's accusation that he was a Moirae informant. "And yet," Saturn continued, "the man himself remains an enigma."
He extended a hand in invitation. "Then let's get to know one another."
She glanced at the hand, then at him. "I don't hate you," she declared suddenly. "There was nothing you ever did to make me hate you. Understand?"
He did. It meant that no matter what he did to prove himself, nothing would change between them, because she held no personal grudge. She couldn't afford to trust him. The stakes were too high.
A smile flitted over his lips, and he let his hand fall. To his surprise, she caught it.
"It would be a shame to miss the last dance."


Yang Zhi Peng plunked down in a chair beside Miruki with a heavy sigh. "I think Lady Pallas stood me up. She asked me to wait for her and then never came back."
"Mm," said Miruki, who was paging through photos on her camera. Her fingers flew over the buttons, sorting, cropping, and adjusting light levels. Her lips moved as she worked, muttering unintelligible words.
"You've been lugging that thing around all night. Why don't we get up and stretch our legs for a while?"
"You go ahead. I'm busy."
"Come on. Five minutes."
Miruki's fingers continued their frantic tapping. "I'm sorry, but I just went through an ugly breakup. I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship by using you as a rebound guy."
For her sake, Zhi Peng made an effort not to laugh out loud. "Souga-san, I'm not asking you to marry me. It's just a dance."
Miruki stopped pushing buttons and hovered in indecision.
"Look, I won't push it. Say the word and I'll leave you alone. But… just because you're sad about breaking up, doesn't make it wrong for you to have a little fun."
She put down the camera, lifted her eyes, and smiled her first real smile in a long time.


A single ray of moonlight spilled through the window, across the milky white surface of a baby grand piano, at just the right angle to illuminate Uranus at the keys. It gleamed off her platinum blond hair and pooled in the flowing, gauzy sleeves of her blouse, transforming her into an ethereal spirit, a zephyr. Her head was slightly lifted, eyes closed as she breathed in the clouds of music floating up around her, and her fingers on the ivory were soft as a lover's caress. Beside her, obscured by silver-kissed shadows, Neptune cradled a glossy violin. The notes that flowed from it were too pure to be earthly, the sinuous curving of her bow over the strings too sensual to be entirely sublime.
Into that magical atmosphere stepped Saturn with Pegasus Kamen. He settled his hand on her waist as she grasped his shoulder, and for once, those clear, dark eyes looked back at him without weighing or analyzing. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Though she knew better than to let down her guard, the low lights, beautiful music, and the comforting presence of the others around her lulled her into a sense of dreamy contentment.
Once they brushed shoulders with Juno and Vesta, who at first seemed too absorbed in their own conversation to take much note of them. But as they glided past, Saturn caught Vesta's encouraging smile, and when they turned, Juno gave Pegasus Kamen a thumbs up. They all wanted this to work out.
"Usagi-chan is surrounded by such good friends," Pegasus Kamen noted.
"She's easy to love."
"But it's not always easy to love her," he muttered with a dry half-smile.
Saturn looked at him archly. You have no idea, she thought.
They twirled past Luna and Artemis, who acknowledged them with a nod. Luna's gaze followed them with veiled curiosity. (Artemis, for his part, had eyes for little else but his wife, of whom Venus's latest debacle had granted him a fresh appreciation.)
"Speaking of the princess… where is she?"
Saturn gestured toward the sofa by the snack table, where Usagi was nestled between Pallas and Ceres, fast asleep. Pegasus Kamen watched her with such an expression of tenderness that Saturn wanted to believe it was real. They hovered there for a little while, until it occurred to him that perhaps he was being rude by ignoring his partner. He turned his attention back to Saturn.
Having partnered with Usagi through many a dance lesson with her tutors, Saturn was actually more used to having the lead position. The unfamiliarity of following made her cautious at first, and Pegasus Kamen seemed hesitant to try anything too fancy. But before long, they learned to read one another's cues. Her feet glided across the floor with sprite-like nimbleness, and a rosy glow rose in her pale cheeks as they pivoted and spun. More than one eye in the ballroom was on them now. A look passed between them and they separated, turning back to back with a dramatic flourish.
Right, this is what fun feels like, Saturn thought to herself. I had almost forgotten.
"You're a good dancer," Pegasus Kamen remarked as their hands clasped once more.
"Thank you. Although I'm not quite as lively as Usagi-chan."
He stared for a second. Was she actually teasing him? Emboldened, he risked making a joke. "Don't worry. I won't tell her you stole my last dance."
"That's my line," said Saturn, wagging a finger at him. He took the opportunity to twirl her under his arm.
"Ah, this is no good. I don't want to be your rival."
She sniffed in mock derision. "Don't flatter yourself."
Like the turning of the seasons, he felt the change before he saw it. Something shook and tumbled loose inside him, cold raindrops falling from a tree branch after a storm. Then he realized she was smiling at him. It was brief. But it happened.
The music had faded. As he released her hand, a strange tingling swelled in his chest. He felt seized by something like a prophetic trance and words rushed to his lips, old words that seemed new, as if the long-dead author had penned them just for her. "See where at intervals the firefly's spark/glimmers, and melts into the fragrant dark; Gilds a leaf's edge one happy instant, then/leaves darkness all a mystery again!"
She studied him briefly. She hadn't pegged him for a poetry lover. It was the first new thing she'd learned about him that she unreservedly liked.
Dropping a graceful curtsy, she disappeared into the shadows.


Mokushi dove behind a pillar as Saturn passed, and held her breath until she was sure she hadn't been noticed.
Her shorter companion twisted her braid, a worried look on her face. "I am not sure why we are behaving as if we've done something wrong."
"I almost think she's onto me. The way she looked at me earlier…"
"Kasuga-san says there's no way any of them could know," Shizuka replied solemnly, as if quoting scripture.
"Kasuga says this, Kasuga says that. What do you think?"
Shizuka gave her a blank stare, as if the concept of independent thought were more than she could comprehend. Mokushi sighed in annoyance.
"Never mind. C'mon, let's find the others and get out of here." She spotted Chitose across the room and started walking.
"I would say that things are going well," was Shizuka's analysis after careful reflection. "We have made contact with the princess and her guardians. It's important that we establish a rapport with them, and remain vigilant for the moment when we can change history."
Mokushi grimaced. "Kasuga-chan's words, almost verbatim."
Shizuka made no retort for a minute or two. When she spoke again, her voice was soft. "Did it hurt you, Mokushi-san? Seeing them together."
The white-haired girl gave a start, then smiled and shook her head. "Nah. I'm glad to know how it began, even if…"
She let the rest of the sentence die unspoken.


Morning found Usagi draped in an undignified pose across her bed, where her father had carried her the night before. Her guardians had stayed awake just enough to undo their transformations before collapsing beside her. Luckily, there was room in her double California king-sized bed for all of them. Junko had somehow turned sideways during the night, and was laying with her head in Beth's lap and Seresu's foot in her face. Atena had become Usagi's pillow once again, and had yet to notice that the princess was drooling in her hair. Diana alone remained vigilant, poised at the foot of the bed. She was prepared to warn them of any danger, but alas, she did not recognize danger when it approached.
The sound of a shutter made the young cat jump. She looked up to see Venus in the doorway, remarkably sober and twirling the strap of her camera around her finger.
"Venus-sama, what are you—?"
The leader of the Sailor Team displayed her perfect white teeth in a dazzling, evil smile. "It's called blackmail, sweetie. You never know when it might come in handy." And then she was gone.
"With guardians like these," Diana muttered, "who needs youma?"

SMCG 11.4
The tail end of Chapter 11, in which Ceres has a plan, Pegasus Kamen shares the last dance with... not Usagi, and Diana fails to protect her princess from danger.

Previous Chapter:…
Part 3:…
Next Chapter: Coming soon
Sailor Barnard 15 Lineart by Yumecosmos
Sailor Barnard 15 Lineart
:iconaoichou:'s character. She has not been forgotten!

I'm working on coloring it. See?
Colors by Yumecosmos  
But I got over-ambitious and tried to draw a background and backgrounds are hard. :/ I really want to do her justice! This is not cutting it!
This is happening, though. For once in my life I'm gonna frickin finish something.

Update 10/20: More progress!
Barnard15 Color 2 by Yumecosmos 

Pose from :iconsenshistock:

Writers/Readers: what fate do you prefer for your antagonists? 

3 deviants said A brief moment of redemption before being killed
2 deviants said Kill 'em dead! (Or have them thrown in jail or otherwise defeated)
2 deviants said Other?
1 deviant said Redeemed and welcomed into the Good Guys
1 deviant said Let them win! Muahahaha...
No deviants said Defeat, but a miraculous escape at the last minute (We're blasting off againnnn!)


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So I'm probably late to the party as usual, but have you guys seen this yet?…
Ok. Deep breath. Whew. To be honest, there's not a whole lot of new information here, however shiny promo art with rainbows and sparkles!!!!1
We already knew that it was streaming worldwide in July, that it was going to more closely follow the manga, that Takeuchi-sensei would have more say in the adaptation, and who most of the rest of the staff were going to be. Now we've got an official title, "Sailor Moon Crystal." (Which makes my fanfic series look like even more of a cheap knockoff than it already was, but I was using that name ten years ago, darnit.) Also we can clearly see that Sailor Moon has her manga-style uniform, complete with hairpins and the brooch with the funny marble-looking things.
Does this mean we'll also get a slightly darker storyline? Romantic!Mamoru, slightly sympathetic Beryl, non-boy-crazy Rei, a Venus who stays (sometimes) cool and serious, or even a less annoying Chibiusa? Dare I hope... will Saturn actually get a henshin sequence this time around? Will Michiru and Haruka get to kiss on screen? Will somebody finally punch Demando in the face, because it happened in 4KH and now I want it to be real? Time will tell.
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